First International Symposium on Risk Analysis and Safety of Complex Structures and Components (IRAS2019)

from July 1, 2019 to July 2, 2019

Abstracts Submission Deadline (new date): 28th February 2019 Abstracts proposals should be submitted to:

A - Probabilistic Fatigue & Fracture Approaches Applied to Materials and Structures.

B - Vibrations, fatigue and fracture problems in safety of engineering structures.

C - Structural Integrity of Renewable Energy and Oceanic Structures.

D - Structural Integrity of Lightweight Structures – experimental, theoretical and numerical approach.

E - Lifelines and Infrastructures Safety Evaluation (Manmade-, Natural-, and Multi?Hazards).

F - Safety and Structural Integrity of Railway Structures and Rolling Stock.

G - Failure mechanism and life assessment under defects.

H - Environmental effect on structural integrity.

I - Fatigue of Steel and Composite Structures.


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Published on February 21, 2019

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Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal