21/02/2019 SAVE THE DATE ! : Seminar on modelling of cascading effects

on the February 21, 2019

cascading effects are a critical, yet often unknown as they reflect the complex interactions between various phenomena,

As they reflect the complex interactions between various phenomena, cascading effects are a critical, yet often unknown, aspect of the risk management procedure. As it may turn initial event to a catastrophic sequence, they crucially need to be better understood and modelled for managing the risk and mitigating their consequences.


Organized by the RISK project, this half-day seminar is intended to gather the members of the risk management community in order to discuss the following questions:

  • What is a cascading effect and why is it important for risk management?

  • What are the critical interactions, and at which time and space scales are they acting?

  • How studying this type of effect?

  • How to avoid cascading effects, and how manage it?

  • Can a cascading effect be useful?

  • What is stability/unstability of a cascading effect?


The objectives of this seminar are:

  • sharing experiences on cascading events for risk and catastrophe management

  • looking through study cases and systems of human, natural or technological origin

  • discussing about the weaknesses and strengths of an inter-disciplinary approach.


Scientists and risk managers are welcome to present their work regarding the above-mentioned questions and objectives. The presentations are intended to fit in a 20 minutes slot, including 15 minutes for talk plus 5 minutes for questions-answers.

Please send by February 7th your abstract (1 page maximum including 1 figure) describing briefly the main content of the work you would like to present.


Published on January 11, 2019

Practical informations


Christophe Prieur (GIPSA-lab) et Xavier Bodin (EDYTEM)
xavier.bodin@univ-smb.fr christophe.prieur@gipsa-lab.fr


Salle Mont-Blanc, GIPSA-lab, 11 rue des Mathématiques, Campus Saint Martin d’Hères