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CDP RISK research: How and when should protective structures against natural hazards be maintained? A new approach to modelling deterioration and decision support. Nour Chahrour presents her first results.

from December 11, 2020 to January 11, 2021

Cross Disciplinary Project RISK

Structural (impacts, cracks) and functional (scouring) damage on a torrent check dam

Protection structures are widely used to reduce risk caused by natural hazards to people, assets and infrastructures. In mountain torrent streams, check dams are largely used to reduce sediment production. Due to high intensity of natural phenomenon, instability of geotechnical contexts, their deterioration over time cannot be avoided. Presentation of new fully generic approach that could be applied which can be applied to other structures

It influences their level of performance and can lead to dramatic consequences downstream for exposed elements. On the same hand, limited budgetary and human resources are available for their maintenance and priorities have to be identified by risk managers.
In the context of natural hazards, analysis and monitoring those protections’ efficacy and supporting decision-making for choosing the best maintenance strategies remain therefore a key challenges.

A innovative approach coupling a numerical and a decision-aiding model

To go beyond traditional methods used both in safety and reliability analysis and natural risk engineering, we have developped a comprehensive approach that permits incorporating possible interactions when modelling system's deterioration and provides information for prioritizing maintenance actions.
This innovative approach couples (1) a numerical model that analyses the dynamic deterioration of check dams based on civil and hydraulic engineering expertise and (2), a decision-aiding model based on stochastic Petri nets that compares the evolution of the system deterioration and the associated incurred costs for different maintenance scenarios.
This approach appears as fully generic and could be applied to any type of phenomenon and protection structures.


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Published on August 17, 2023

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