RISK Kickoff meeting

on the April 5, 2018

The kick off meeting of the Cross-Disciplinary Project RISK will take place on April 5, 2018 (8:30 am - 4:00 pm, local time) in Amphitheatre Esclangon, Ampère site



8:30 am Welcome of attendees / Accueil des participants
9:00 am Opening (Yassine LAKHNECH, Executive Director of IDEX Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Vincent BOUDIERES Grenoble Alpes Métropole) & Benjamin EINHORN, Pôle Alpin d’études et de recherche pour la prévention des Risques naturels / Ouverture
9:15 am Overview of the CDP RISK Project, by Didier GEORGES / Présentation générale du projet CDP RISK
9:45 am Presentation of WP1 « Risk Management & Governance for a Sustainable Development » by Jean-Marc TACNET / Présentation du Work Package 1
10:15 am Presentation of WP2 «Hazards & Stakes: Data Collecting, Processing, and Modeling » by Xavier BODIN / Présentation du Work Package 2
10:45 am: Coffee Break / Pause
11:15 am Presentation of WP3 “Living Assessment & Decision-Making Support” by Julien BAROTH / Présentation du Work Package 3
11:45 am Presentation of 4  PhD thesis labeled by the project / Présentation de 4 thèses labellisées par le projet

  • Modeling and information reconstruction from heterogeneous data in the context of gravitational hazards (GIPSA-lab/IRSTEA/ISTERRE), par/by Guillaume CHAMBON
  • An integrated seismic risk modelling approach including human behavior (PACTE/ISTERRE/LIG), par/by Elise BECK
  • The dynamic adaptation of Human–Computer Interfaces to a user's personal, contextual and behavioral responsiveness and decision-making in a natural risks program (LIG/CERAG),  par/by Sophie DUPUY
  • Understanding the nature, relevance and impact of CDP approach in post-disaster reconstruction projects: the case of ReparH ANR project after the earthquake of Port-au-Prince ( AE&CC/ 3SR), par/by Thierry JOFFROY/Laurent DAUDEVILLE
12:45 am: Lunch / Déjeuner
2:00 pm Video Keynote by Prof. Terje AVEN, University of Stavanger, Norway, President of Society for Risk Analysis / Visio-conférence du Professeur Terje AVEN, Université de Stavanger, Norvège, Président de la Society for Risk Analysis 
2:30 pm Keynote by Didier RICHARD, Researcher IRSTEA Grenoble, Chairman of Thematic Group « Risks » of National Research Alliance ALLENVI / Conférence de Didier RICHARD, Chercheur IRSTEA Grenoble, Animateur de la Thématique « Risques » de l’Alliance Nationale de Recherche ALLENVI
3:00 pm Keynote by Marie-Pierre MEGANCK, Consilor in Environment, Transportion, Sustainable Development of the Permanent Representation of France at the United Nations in Geneva, and the International Organizations in Switzerland  / Conférence de Marie-Pierre MEGANCK, Conseillère Environnement, Transport, Développement Durable de la  Représentation Permanente de la France auprès des Nations Unies à Genève et des Organisations Internationales en Suisse
3:30 pm Concluding Remarks / Conclusions
3:45 pm: Cocktail

Published on May 21, 2018