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Santosh Yadav's large-scale trials on a vibrating table with the 3SR laboratory - an article in the newspaper Dauphiné-Libéré relays the adventure.

on the December 18, 2020

3SR (hors les murs)

AE&CC (hors les murs)

Santosh Yadav, doctoral student at CDP RISK, is working on 1/2 scale tests of seismic resistance of buildings to help the Nepal reconstruction after the last earthquake. As his Grenoble laboratory burned down in a fire in 2020 winter, his tests have been carried out last november on the vibrating table at the FCBA in Bordeaux.
Published on December 18, 2020

Practical informations


Yannick Sieffert
yannick.sieffert (at) 3sr-grenoble.fr
This project is supported by Idex through the "CDP Risk" and the training project "e-CoLos! "by the labex AE&CC, by UGA and G-INP.
It makes two laboratories of the Grenoble site, 3SR and CRAterre, work in an interdisciplinary way.