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Scientific communication: a public 2021 Risk program proposed at the Casemate (Grenoble), in partnership with researchers from the CDP RISK@UGA

on the June 1, 2021

Cross Disciplinary Project RISK
La Casemate/Echosciences


La Casemate/Echosciences is a center of scientific culture in Grenoble. This year's program focuses on Earth sciences, among which the question of risk management is addressed to everyone. Several researchers from the University of Grenoble Alps associated with the CDP RISK came to present and answer questions about their work. Two podcasts were recorded; and the season continues!

Within the framework of its program "Une saison aux couleurs de la Terre", La Casemate/Echosciences and Grenoble-Alpes Métropole are working to increase the visibility of local scientific culture and invite the public to participate in a series of three seasons of cultural programming around science-society topics. The year 2021 is dedicated to Earth sciences.

Risk scientific podcasts

Within this framework, researchers of the CDP Risk of the university Grenoble Alpes came to speak about their works concerning the theme of the risks.

Published on June 2, 2021

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La Casemate/Echosciences

2 Place Saint-Laurent
38000 Grenoble

Une saison aux couleurs de la Terre