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Summer School RISK@UGA 2022

from August 29, 2022 to August 31, 2022

Thematic Program RISK
Graduate School GS@UGA

Université Grenoble Alpes
Grenoble Institute Risk & Resilience

Université Grenoble Alpes

ANRThis project is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR-20-SFRI-0007) under the « Investissements d’avenir » program.

The Summer School of the RISK thematic program of the Graduate School of Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) will take place the last days of August 2022 just before the beginning of the school year, at the GreEN-ER building, Grenoble's scientific campus. Three days dedicated to the different approaches to risk management deployed in Grenoble in collaboration with the Grenoble Institute Risk & Resilience (GI2R) of UGA, born from the dynamics of the CDP RISK.


The programme is subject to slight changes in the future

Monday, August 29th, 2022 - GreEN-ER

9.00am Welcome to participants

from Sandrine CAROLY, Cécile CORNOU & Nicolas ECKERT (Grenoble Institute Risk & Resilience - GI2R)

9.20am Introduction to Resilience and the cluster "Engineered assets at risk" of GI2R

Julien BAROTH, Geoffroy ENJOLRAS & Jean-Marc TACNET

9.30 am The contribution of virtual crisis simulations to the study of crisis management situations: the case of iCrisis crisis simulation approach

Clément JUDEK (Institut de Maitrise des Risques - IMdR-Paris)

10.20am Coffee break

10.40am Round table discussion

12.00am Lunch

1.30pm Presentation of student work - Graduate School UGA - RISK thematic program

. Tracking population flow during earthquake crisis with seismological methods
Ines FABARON (Polytech) & Jarod DOMENGE (M1 PHITEM)
. Risk perception of permafrost warming relance
Jules CROIZIER (Polytech), Mederic LORRY (M1 PHITEM), Julia FEZARD (Polytech)
. Point cloud modeling of the temple of Augustus and Livia (Vienna, Isère)

3.00pm Break

3.20pm Student work (continued)

. Comparative analysis of value and insurance in a context of natural hazards: application to the field of farm production and exposed infrastructure
Oceane LESCOP (Polyttech), Martin ROUQUEYROL (Polytech)
. Analysis of the technical and economic efficiency of protection systems against natural hazards in mountains

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022
Off-Site Day: Col de Porte (Chartreuse)

8.00am Departure of the bus for the Col de Porte.
Meeting point: 7h45 parking Ampère, campus UGA, 680 rue de la passerelle, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères (in front of Ensimag) Plan

9.00am Visit of the snow-meteorological measurement site of the Col de Porte (CNRM / CEN)

Proposed by Mountain-related risks Cluster of GI2R
Three outdoor workshops (40 minutes each in groups of 15):

- Climate change and snow cover
- Strategies of protection by avalanche (example of the station of the pass)
- Mechanical behavior and snow fracture at different scales (from grain to snowpack)

11.00am Evolutions of the avalanche regime in mid-altitude: an innovative multidisciplinary approach.

Florie GIACONA & Nicolas ECKERT (INRAE/ETNA) - Le Cartusia seminar Room

12.00am Lunch - Le Cartusia Restaurant - Col de Porte

2.00pm Vulnerability of human settlements to natural hazards
A cross between science and local knowledge, diagnosis and decision support, reconstruction and resilience

2 round tables proposed by Anthropization Natural Hazards and Habitability Cluster of GI2R

2.10pm Round table 1

Learning from heritage, local knowledge and practices. With Andreea DUTU (Urban Engineering and Technology Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest), Georgia POURSOULIS (Architect & Engineering), Andy COMBEY (ISTerre).

3.20pm Coffee break
3.40pm Round table 2

 Issues and constraints of non-conventional approaches in Disaster Risk Reduction. With Elisa POLETTI (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minho, Guimarães Portugal), Mampionona RAKOTONIRINA (Meteorological Engineer, Doctor of Architecture, ENSAG), Sarra KASRI (Docteure en architecture, Ensa Paris-Belleville DSA Architecture et Risques Majeurs et chargée de projet BBB à l'AFPCNT).

5.15pm Departure of the bus for Grenoble

Wednesday, August 31th, 2022

9.00am Involvement of citizens in the process of building a response to crises

Conferences proposed by Innovations for Resilience Cluster from GI2R

. How to use social networks as a warning system. Déploiement de la plateforme FR-Alert. Cinétique temporalité des crues rapides.

Johnny DOUVINET (Université d'Avignon),

. How citizens contribute to produce knowledge.

Antonin SEGAULT (Laboratoire DICEN-IdF, Université Paris Nanterre)

10.30am Coffee break

10.50am Management of the COVID with the Metro, citizen committee created for the management of the crisis covid

Laurence CRETON-CAZANAVE (Ville de Grenoble - Direction Prévention et gestion des risques)

12.00am Lunch

1.30pm Citizen involvement in crisis management

Conferences proposed by Telluric Crises and Risk Cluster of GI2R

. Citizen involvement in crisis management. The case of Beyrouth harbour explosion in 2020


. Earthquake reconnaissance using social media and crowdsourcing platforms

Diana CONTRERAS MOJICA (Univ. Cardiff)

. Social networks and volcanic crisis management: opportunity or confusion?

Virginie PINEL (ISTerre, USMB)

3.20pm Coffee break

3.40pm Round table

Round table proposed by Innovations for Resilience & Telluric Crises and Risk, clusters of GI2R

4.40pm Summer School closure


Published on June 23, 2022

Practical informations




GreEN-ER Building (Day 1 & 3)
Polygone scientifique de Grenoble-Presqu'île
21 Avenue des Martyrs - CS 90624
Tramway B
- Station Marie Louise Paris-CEA
Bus Express 1 - Station Marie Louise Paris-CEA

Col de Porte (Day 2)
Route départementale 512
Hotel restaurant Le Cartusia
A dedicated bus will transport the participants for the day to the col de Porte (massif of the Chartreuse). The meeting point is scheduled at 7.45am at the parking Ampere on the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus. Return at 6pm. Lunch is included.
Ampere Parking - 681 rue de la Passerelle, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères
Tramway access: Tramway B, Gabriel Fauré station