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Towards the UGA GI2R Risk Institute - UGA and PUCP scientific collaborations - Visit of the Professor Marcial Blondet (PUCP, Lima, Peru) - Seminar Paraseismic engineering

from March 28, 2022 to March 29, 2022

3SR (Université Grenoble Alpes)
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP)

Grenoble, France
Free participation upon registration

In honour of Professor Marcial Blondet's visit to Grenoble, the CRATerre and 3SR laboratories are organising a seminar "Paraseismic engineering - PUCP/UGA cooperation", on 28 and 29 March. Registration is open !
Discover the work of Marcial Blondet Constructions traditionnelles et sismicité du Pérou (fr)


Monday, March 28th

A visit is organised at 9.30 am at 3SR to present a bending test. If you wish to attend, contact dominique.daudon@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
3SR, Salle 003 - Bâtiment Gallilée - 1270 rue de la Piscine - 38400 SMH

2.00pm Welcome speak

Sandrine Caroly or Didier Georges for RISK@University Grenoble Alpes

2.10pm Overview of past and current collaborations between UGA and PUCP

Dominique Daudon (3SR), Philippe Garnier (AE&CC-CRATerre) and Laurence Audin (ISTerre/IRD)

2.35pm Presentation of Professor Marcial Blondet,

Dominique Daudon (3SR)

2.40pm Conference "50 years of research on the seismic behavior of adobe buildings at the PUCP"

Prof. Marcial Blondet


3.40pm Break

3.50pm Risk Institute of UGA

Didier Georges

4.00pm e-CoLoS! Earth construction in our training courses

Dominique Daudon

4.10pm Presentation of the PUCP and the GERDIS group

Sandra Santa Cruz and/or Nicola Tarque (online)

4.30pm Discussion and conclusion

Laurence Audin

4.50pm End

Tuesday, March 29th

Seminar/round table
ENSAG - AE&CC - 60 Av. de Constantine - 38100 Grenoble

Zoom link:
ID de réunion : 840 1676 0531
Code secret : HmRAV3

9.00am Introduction

Philippe Garnier

9.05am Seismic stability of pre-hispanic earthen walls

Prof. Marcial Blondet

9.30am Proyetos PIRCAS: Numerical simulation of dry stone wall

Paola Ita

9.50am Masonry with or without reinforcement under earthquake or Pisé with or without reinforcement under quasi-static loading

Florent Vieux-Champagne or Yannick Sieffert

10.10am Archaeoseismological approach in the Heartland of the Incas (Cusco, Peru). Potentialities and limitations for the current seismic hazard assessment and the past earthquake risk perception.

Andy Combey

10.30am Conservation of the clay churches of the Sondondo valley

Chamsiah Sadozaï

10.50am Local building cultures in disaster risk reduction


11.00am Closing coffee


Published on March 29, 2022

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