Workshop : Grenoble Urban Planning Agency Data and Models

on the November 18, 2019

2pm and 5pm
Salle Mont-Blanc
Univ. Grenoble Alpes (France)
in French language

The objective is to discuss the management of the data and the tools available to exploit them and to evaluate the possibilities for collaboration between the CDP Risk and the Grenoble Urban Planning Agency (AURG). Registration free for all.

1.30 pm      Coffee reception          
Presentation of the AURG and the RISK platform project
2.30 pm     
Presentation of the AURG information system (SIT)
3.00 pm     
Presentation of the socio-economic data processed
3.45 pm       Break
4.00 pm     
AURG models

Travel model
Logistics: Freturb
Multipolar model (Sillon alpin, AURA, CD38)
Questions / answers

4.30pm        Exchanges

  Discussion on possible collaborations
  Establishment of working sub-groups
  Scheduling other meetings

Free registration required here :

I will follow webinars of April, 7th, 2021 (morning - in French)

I will follow webinars of April, 8th, 2021 (morning - in English)

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Published on November 13, 2019

Practical informations


pour tout complément contacter Sylvie Perrier

L'Agence d'urbanisme de la région grenobloise

21 rue Lesdiguières
38000 Grenoble


salle Mont-Blanc

bâtiment D, 1er étage, département DIS
11 Rue des Mathématiques
Saint-Martin-d'Hères (France)
Arrêt tramway ligne B : Gabriel Fauré