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Whenever possible, we record our events. You can access them here.

Summer Schools RISK @ UGA

  • Professor David Alexander (Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction, University College London, UK), Cascading Disasters: Lessons from the Past, Recent Developments and Prospects
  • Giacomo Como (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Resilience of dynamical flow networks under cascading failure.
  • Eric Chatelet (University of Troyes, France), Domino Effect Analysis: Methods and Tools -
  • François Giannocccaro (Institut des risques majeurs), Major risks (natural and technological) and "state" of potential interactions on industrial sites Seveso with high threshold in Rhone-Alps.  Return to work- 2012 IRMA
  • Jérôme Fauconnier (Political representative of  Triève’s Community), Landslide risk management in a rural area near an urban agglomeration: issues and challenges
  • Roland Nussbaum (Association Mission des Risques Naturels), How to insure cascading risks?
  • Pascal Lacroix (ISTerre), Effect of earthquakes on land movements and communities in the Colca Valley, Peru
  • Julien Picard (Training Center Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Grenoble University Hospital), Management of critical situations in Health: the place of simulation.

The second "Summer School" of the CDP RISK became a Spring School online due to the sanitaries conditions.

(videos soon)

  • Isabelle RUIN (IGE), Serious games: a research tool for studying decision-making in a context of risk and uncertainty. The case of hydro-climatic risk.
  • Clément JUDEK (Institut de Maitrise des Risques – ImdR Paris), Feedback from the serious games’ day
  • Philippe MADIES (CERAG/IAE), Are banking crises inevitable? From prevention to management of banking panics.

The February 6th earthquake crisis in Turkey

  • Julia DE SIGOYER (ISTerre), From past archives to present-day earthquakes: the Anatolian fault life cycle.
  • Francois GRUNEWALD (URD), After Haiti, Nepal, Turkey. A review of short- and medium-term response methods.
  • Sylvain POLLET (APAVE, National Emergency Coordinator of the French earthquake engineering association), Seismic crisis management, the national emergency response to a major crisis. Learnings from the post-earthquake reconnaissance mission in Turkey.

From the 2010 Haiti earthquake crisis to reconstruction

  • Sébastien HARDY (IGE), Identifying crisis management territories: the case of Port au Prince
  • Philippe GARNIER (CRAterre-AE&CC / ENSAG), Haiti: building up the recovery process from vulnerabilities and grassroots dynamics to contribute to local resilience and crisis exit
  • Céline CHOLEZ (PACTE), Questionnaire and interview guides: Gathering citizen data in crisis situations

Presentations & webinars

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