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Cluster Mountain-related Risks

Laurichard rock glacier in the Alps © Diego Cusicanqui


Anticipation and management of risks specific to mountain regions in a context of global change (risks linked to the cryosphere, torrential risks, cascading risks, etc.).


  • Coupled modeling (physical, stochastic, qualitative, econometric, decisional) of hazards
  • Vulnerabilities and risks
  • Adaptation of climatic and socio-environmental projections to mountain territories

Thematic news

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  • Florie GIACONA (ETNA-IGE - INRAE) - (florie[dot]giacona[at]inrae[dot]fr)
  • Pascal HAGENMULLER (CNRM/Meteo France-CNRS) - (pascal[dot]hagenmuller[at]meteo[dot]fr)    
  • Guillaume CHAMBON (ETNA/IGE - INRAE) - (guillaume[dot]chambon[at]inrae[dot]fr)

Submitted on July 11, 2023

Updated on September 15, 2023