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Cluster Telluric Crises & Risks

Kathmandu street following the April 2015 earthquake ©Shutterstock


Models for managing earthquake risks and crises, integrating physical, psychological, social, spatial and temporal factors.


  • Multi-agent modeling,
  • Heterogeneous multi-source data available during crises
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Simulation tool

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These events are related to the themes addressed by the "telluric risks and crises" cluster. We have selected them because they seem particularly relevant given the issues addressed by the cluster's members.

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Our members

NOM Prénom Lab Domain
AEKBOTE LAKSHMINARAYANAN Venkata Narayanan Laboratoire Pacte Urbanism & Geography
AMINI Massih-Reza LIG Computer sciences
ATTO Abdourrahmane LISTIC Deep Learning, Anomaly detection, Predictive analysis
AUDIN Laurence ISTerre Seismology
BEAUVAL Céline ISTerre Seismology
BECK Elise Laboratoire Pacte Geography 
BIEVRE Grégory ISTerre Hydrogeology
CARTIER Stéphane Laboratoire Pacte Sociology
CAUSSE Mathieu ISTerre Seismology
CHANUSSOT Jocelyn Gipsa-Lab Applied maths
CHARDONNEL Sonia Laboratoire Pacte Geography 
COOK Kristen ISTerre Geophysics Risks and Environment
CORNOU Cécile ISTerre Seismology
COUTANT Olivier ISTerre Seismology
DOMINGUEZ-PERY Carine CERAG Management sciences
DUCHÉ Sarah laboratoire Pacte Geography
DUGDALE Julie LIG Computer sciences
GIFFARD-ROISIN Sophie ISTerre Applied maths computer sciences AI
GUILLIER Bertrand ISTerre Seismology
JEOFFRION Christine LIP  Psychology
KOTHA Sreeram-Reddy ISTerre Geophysics Risks and Environment


LIP  Psychology
LACROIX Pascal ISTerre Remote sensing
MAUFROY Emeline ISTerre Seismology
NZIENGUI BA BARNEY Destin ISTerre Seismology
PINEL Virginie ISTerre Volcanology
POUSSE Léa ISTerre Seismology
REAIDY Paul CERAG Management Sciences
TABAKA Kamila Laboratoire Pacte Geography 
TROUVÉ Emmanuel LISTIC Learning Fusion & Remote Sensing


  • Elise BECK ( IUGA/PACTE - UGA) - (elise[dot]beck[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)  
  • Cécile CORNOU (ISTerre/IRD - UGA) - (cecile[dot]cornou[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)    
  • Julie DUGDALE (LIG - UGA) - (Julie[dot]Dugdale[at]imag[dot]fr)

Submitted on July 11, 2023

Updated on October 18, 2023